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Colour 35mm Film Supply Update

 JULY 2023 Update:

We’ve seen some improvement in colour film supply over the past month. We have plenty of Kodak Portra 35mm in stock, plus all three CineStill offerings.

However the most exciting new film available is from ORWO in Germany.
We have two new ORWO colour films in stock now.
Both varieties are 400iso C41 colour film, one offering a cooler image and the other slightly warmer.
If you don’t know the ORWO story, check out the new films here and here.

To be clear, this is not re-packaged or re-rolled film made by Kodak or Fujifilm, this is a brand new offering made entirely in Germany!
Give it a go today!

If you haven’t read about what’s causing the ongoing shortage of colour film, you can read on below from our last update:

From December 2022:
There is a ‘perfect storm’ of issues that have combined to create a severe global shortage of 35mm colour film.

These include:

– Machinery breakdown at film production factories
– A shortage of skilled staff at film production factories
– A shortage of the raw materials and components required for film manufacturing
– Supply chain disruptions caused primarily by COVID
– A global surge in demand for camera film
– Disruptions to global shipping routes caused by COVID

The good news is that this increasing demand for film is good for the film industry. It will help manufacturers to increase their production over the long term and keep film alive.
It will also support the introduction of new films and formats, eg most recently Kodak Gold in 120 format!

The bad news is that we will continue to see some shortages for at least a few months. We are very low on colour 35mm stock right now but we are expecting new stock to arrive approximately each month.
Remember you can sign up to the waitlist for your favourite films on the product page of each film. Then when they are back in stock you will receive an email notification.

With colour film in short supply it’s a great time to try out some black and white film. We stock an extensive range of different black and white films, all with their own unique look and character. If you are just starting out in black and white we recommend trying out the classics like Ilford HP5+ 400 or Kodak Tri-X 400, or even Rollei RPX 400.

You may have noticed that some colour 35mm films are limited by quantity. This is to ensure all customers have an opportunity to purchase film whilst it is available.
We would love to sell everybody as much as they like but we believe this is the most equitable way to share around a limited supply.
Thanks for your understanding during these tricky times. We are working hard to secure colour film supply and hope that 2023 will bring better supply!

The WALKENS team

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