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ORWO NC500 35mm

ORWO NC500 35mm

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NC500 is one of two new 400iso C41 colour films produced by ORWO in Germany.
This film produces dreamy, pastel-like colours with a slight warm yellow tone and striking reds. See the example photos shot in Fitzroy for an example.

Both new colour films are based on unique AGFA Motion Picture film recipes from the 1990s.
These Agfa Motion Picture films were famous for their greens, desaturated shadows and enhanced grains, and these are features that ORWO have embraced for this new film.
” With WOLFEN NC500, we are not trying to imitate current stocks available on the market, we are creating an alternative, something with different characteristics and a different palette. “

NC500 is a daylight balanced 400iso film, designed for shooting outside in natural light.

This is NOT re-branded or repackaged Kodak, Vision3 or Fujifilm, this is a brand new film made in Germany.

– 400iso colour film
– Daylight balanced
– 36exp per roll
– Made in Germany
– Brand new stock, fresh from the factory
– Standard C41 colour developing

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About ORWO:
When Germany was divided after the Second World War, the AGFA Film company was split into two operations.
In the West it continued as AGFA, in the East it became known as ORWO, for ‘Original Wolfen’ after the town of Wolfen in East Germany where the main factory is located.
For many years ORWO have been producing high quality black and white films from their factory in Wolfen.

After the collapse of the modern AGFA film company in the early 2000s, the remaining factories and intellectual property went through a series of different corporate structures, bankruptcies and other changes.
Only now have the factories in the East and West finally been reunited under one company, with colour film now being produced again by ORWO using machinery in both East and West Germany.
These new ORWO colour films just released are both based on previous AGFA cinema film recipes.

This is not re-packaged or re-branded Fujifilm or Kodak film, this is an entirely different film produced completely in Germany by ORWO!

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