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Film Lab

A little bit about the lab

C41 Colour Processing

We process colour film everyday in our Fitzroy Film Lab.

Come say hi and drop in some rolls today!

B&W Processing

We process a whole range of different black & white films every week.
We run fresh Kodak chemistry in our versatile JOBO processor.


We scan with the legendary Fuji SP-3000+Noritsu HS-1800. Both scanners bring out the best in every roll. Click here for more info on scans


We now offer our customers beautiful prints from our state of the art Epson D860 Inkjet Printer. We charge a flat $11 fee per roll to add prints. Click here for more info.

Film Drop Boxes

Film can be dropped off at the 24/7 dropbox out front of our store.
Job-bag envelopes are available there. Just fill in your details, pop your film in one of the envelopes and pass it through the golden chute.

We don’t currently offer any dropbox locations outside of our store.
Processing jobs can be dropped at our Fitzroy store or mailed to us.
If you are interested in hosting a film processing dropbox, please get in touch!
You can send us an email to lab@walkens.com.au or give us a call on (03) 9077 8163.

  • Free

    Return My Lab Job! – Completed Negatives & Prints

    Add this item to your cart if you'd like us to ship your completed lab job back with your online order. Any questions, email us at lab@walkens.com.au  
  • Free

    Film Processing – Physical Job Bag

    Add this item to your cart if you'd like us to ship you one of our film lab job bags with your order. These are free, only one needed per job, eg 1 bag can fit 10+ rolls. Particularly handy if you are planning to post rolls in to us, or if you're in a rush and just want to drop the bag off quickly at our store or in our 24/7 dropbox. These don't include any return postage, you will have to post this with your rolls in a padded bag or sturdy box to protect your film. Any questions, email us at lab@walkens.com.au