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We now offer film processing at our Fitzroy film lab.

We pride ourselves on offering speedy, high quality film processing.
We offer Black & White and C-41 Colour processing of 35mm, 120 and 110 film.

We also offer stand-alone scanning services if you have processed film you’d like to get scanned.

Film Processing Price List 2020

C-41 Colour Processing
35mm – Develop only $7
35mm – Develop & Standard Scan $12
35mm – Develop & High Resolution Scan $19

35mm C41 Remjet Film – Develop only $15 (outsourced, allow up to 10 days)

120 & 110 – Develop only $9
120 & 110 – Develop & Standard Scan $14
120 & 110 – Develop & High Resolution Scan $21

Black & White Processing
All formats – Develop only $15
All formats – Develop & Standard Scan $20
All formats – Develop & High Resolution Scan $27

Express Jobs
For express processing (Turnaround within 1 business day) Add $6 per roll
All film is cut and sleeved unless otherwise requested.
Uncut rolls are sleeved in Print-File archival quality sleeves.

Stand-Alone Scanning Services

35mm or 120 or 110
Uncut Rolls – Standard Scan $8
Uncut Rolls – High Resolution Scan $15
Cut Rolls – Standard Scan $13
Cut Rolls – High Resolution Scan $20

35mm Mounted Slide Scanning
Standard Scan $2 per slide
High Resolution Scan $4 per slide
(Minimum 5 slides per job)

Scan Sizes
35mm Standard Scans – approx 1200×1800 pixels. Good for 6×4 prints, instagram etc
35mm High Resolution Scans – approx 5400×3600 pixels. Good for up to 12×18 prints.

120 Standard Scans – depends on format, but approx 2400×2400 pixels on 6×6 format.
Good for small prints, instagram etc.
120 high Resolution Scans – depends on format, but approx 4800×4800 pixels on 6×6 format.
Good for large prints, eg 12×18.

Posting Rolls to us
If you can’t make it into store to drop off your film, we accept film posted to us for processing.
It helps if you fill in this form online so we know what services you would like.
Please ensure your name, mobile number and email address are clearly marked on the package so we can match your rolls to your order.
When buying film online, feel free to add in a free ‘job bag’ to your order, ready for you to fill in and send back to us with your film.

We recommend shipping your film in a padded envelope or box to protect them during postage.
Choose a shipping option with tracking so you can track your parcel.
WALKENS takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of your film during shipping to or from us.

Ship all processing rolls to us here:
PO BOX 4090

Film Drop Boxes

Film can be dropped off at the 24/7 dropbox out front of our store.
Job-bag envelopes are available there. Just fill in your details, pop your film in one of the envelopes and pass it through the golden chute.

We don’t currently offer any dropbox locations outside of our store.
Processing jobs can be dropped at our Fitzroy store or mailed to us.
If you are interested in hosting a film processing dropbox, please get in touch!
You can send us an email to lab@walkens.com.au or give us a call on (03) 9077 8163.

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