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  • $175.00

    CineStill °Cs TCS-1000 Temperature Control System

    IN STOCK NOW! WALKENS are an official Cinestill distributor. These units are sold with a full Cinestill warranty. The °Cs "Temperature Control System" TCS-1000 immersion circulator/thermostat is is the simplest solution for precision film processing at home. Whether you are developing black and white, colour negative, or slide film, this system allows you to efficiently and easily mix concentrates and powder chemicals, heat it up to the precise processing temperature, and maintain it during the entire developing session. Universal design holds two 1000ml. storage bottles (Collapsible Accordion style, Wide-Mouth, JOBO, etc.) in a sink, tub, or basin of your preference, at the desired temperature. Intuitive interface preset to standard C-41 processing, and easily adjustable temperature and timers for any process. Easily mixes and heats chemistry in a 1000ml. jug in seconds, without splatter, spill or additional oxidation. Reheat chemistry preserved in the fridge for longer shelf life.


    • EU model, 220-240v suitable for use in Australia. Wired with EU plug, requires a power adapter to AU plug.
    • Intuitive ready-to-use interface does not require additional timers, downloading phone apps, nor connecting to bluetooth/wifi
    • Display and firmware pre-programmed to process film with an adjustable two-stage timer for any process (C-41, E-6, B&W, etc.) in Min : Sec
    • Simple toggling between °C/°F readouts
    • Universal bottle holder holds two 1000ml. storage bottles (collapsible accordion style, Wide-Mouth, JOBO, etc.) in a sink, tub, or basin of your preference
    • PTC heating element, brushless DC motor and moulded polymer impeller
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Ground protection and temp/water level/overheat protection sensor
  • $65.00

    Cinestill Cs2 ‘Cinefilm ECN 2-Bath’ Chemicals

    After years of research & development, CineStill has now formulated the only safe and consistent way to process stills with the same characteristics Hollywood expects, from the comfort of your home with the Cs2 “Cine Simplified” ECN 2-Bath Kit.  For those who wish to dabble in the motion picture workflow CineStill have formulated some original at-home solutions, which are accurate to Eastman Kodak sensitometric standards. This 2-bath process simplifies the original 10+ step ECN-2 process, with uncompromised quality and accurate characteristic curves, while making it safe and foolproof for at-home use. Any motion or still photography film can be processed in this simplified 2-bath powder kit, resulting in a low-contrast color negative that is suitable for the motion picture workflow and scanning. CineStill's Cn2 “COLOR NEGATIVE” developer is combined with the prebath accelerant (which kicks off development) to produce proper ECN-2 density. The bleach and fixer baths are combined with the stop and wash baths in our single Bf2 “BLEACH&FIX+STOP” bath, to reduce risks to health & safety and processing defects caused from hazardous chemical carryover. After a final washing of your film you will have CineStill negatives matching Kodak’s characteristic curves for proper motion picture processing. It may be a less complicated process than ECN-2, but Cs2 is actually more advanced chemistry, utilizing chemical compounds and technology which didn’t exist when ECN-2 was originally designed. ECN-2 was formulated around the mid-1970s, with the available technology of the day. Even though CineStill's Cs2 kit is simplified and safer, they didn’t skip or compromise any of the designed functions of the ECN-2 process. Whether it be with the color developing agents or the combined baths, CineStill don’t settle for incomplete formulas that omit essential active components (e.g. Antifoggant to prevent base-fog buildup, Anti-Calcium to prevent precipitate and contamination, Ammonium Thiosulfate to fully clear silver and dyes, Development Stop to prevent color staining, etc). Proper ECN-2 negatives. No compromises. No BS. CineStill's got you covered. * Not intend for RA-4 chromogenic printing. * If rem-jet is present, it can be manually removed under running water, after development.
  • $55.00

    CineStill Cs41 Colour Processing Chemicals

    Processing ANY colour negative film at home is easy with this simple powder chemistry kit from Cinestill! This kit makes it easy to process C-41 colour negative film at home. It is specially formulated without compromise for modern colour films, not requiring a stabilizer bath. Modern emulsions were designed so that one-hour photo labs wouldn't need haz-mat training for formaldehyde, and have built-in dye stabilizers and hardeners that are released through this simplified 2-bath process. You can have beautifully developed, bleached and fixed colour negatives, ready to scan or print. All you need is water, a thermometer and any simple tank and reel system, like this easy-to-use Paterson Tank. Features: - For processing any colour negative (C-41) film - Easy to mix concentrates make 1 litre/quart of Developer and Blix (Bleach&Fix combined) - 2 bath kit (just like most black and white processing) - No special processor needed (use standard processing tanks and reels like a Paterson Tank) - Flexible processing temperatures - Instructions for processing and Push/Pull processing included - Reusable for up to 24 rolls of film - Long lasting shelf life - Fully archival - Affordable!
  • $45.00

    CineStill Df96 Black & White Processing Chemicals

    IN STOCK NOW! For easy at-home black and white film processing! These easy to use black and white processing chemicals from Cinestill can process 16+ rolls of film per litre, just using the one chemical! Develop anywhere between 20-28°C. The worries of too much development, dilution, time or agitation are gone. Stop bath? Fixer? Hardener? Gone the way of One-Hour-Photos and formaldehyde. The single-step solution is now available in this easy to use powder concentrate. Processing all of your B&W film at home is easier than ever with this magical and versatile Single-Step BW “Developer-Fix” monobath solution, akin to D96 motion picture developer but with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals, is perfect for processing CineStill BwXX along with any other black & white film. No special charts, timers or apps needed! Just a processing tank and water. Foolproof self-completing process that guarantees motion picture quality, the smoothest grain structure and crisp tonal curve. Flexible processing in 3-6 minutes at any room temperature (20-28°C). Just wash with water and hang to dry. No more complicated measurements or strict margins to deal with. Process all your black and white films in one chemical with absolutely wonderful results! - Processing for traditional B&W film in 1 bath - Room temperature processing methods for 20-28°C - Temp tolerance is +/-1°C - Worlds fastest process at 27°C in just 3min! - Push/Pull processing by adjusting temp. +/- 6°C - Reusable, all-in-one solution. - Processes over 16+ rolls of film (per 1000ml) - Process 1-8 rolls at a time - Extremely versatile self-completing process - No special processor needed (use standard processing tanks and reels like Paterson Tanks) - Fully archival - Odour-free
  • $25.00

    MFS Black & White Reversal Processing Powder – 1L Pack

    This kit provides you with all the additional chemicals to process black and white slides. 1L kit.

    Each Kit Contains :

    - Sample Slide and Instructions - 1x Bleach Part A 1L - 1x Bleach Part B 1L - 1x Clearing Bath 1L - Bleach Neutraliser

    Please note: You will need to already have some basic chemistry for black and white negatives in addition to this kit.
  • $12.00

    MFS Remjet Remover Solution

    This solution is used to soften the Black RemJet layer of Motion Picture Film ready for removal and then development with home C-41 chemistry.

    To test the solution, cut the leader/piece of film off and dip in the solution for 10 seconds. Rinse film under running water and the RemJet should wash away. Perfect for use on MFS vision3 films!


    2x Remjet Remover kit to make 500ml Solution