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CineStill Cs41 Colour Processing Chemicals

CineStill Cs41 Colour Processing Chemicals



Processing ANY colour negative film at home is easy with this simple powder chemistry kit from Cinestill!

It is specially formulated without compromise for modern colour films, not requiring a stabilizer bath. Modern emulsions were designed so that one-hour photo labs wouldn’t need haz-mat training for formaldehyde, and have built-in dye stabilizers and hardeners that are released through this simplified 2-bath process. You can have beautifully developed, bleached and fixed colour negatives, ready to scan or print. All you need is water, a thermometer and any simple tank and reel system, like this easy-to-use Paterson Tank.

Now available in 2 sizes; 500ml and 1 Litre.
The 1 Litre kit will process up to 24 rolls of 35mm/120 film.
The 500ml kit will process up to 12 rolls of 35m/120 film


– For processing any colour negative (C-41) film
– Easy to mix concentrates make 1 litre/quart of Developer and Blix (Bleach&Fix combined)
– 2 bath kit (just like most black and white processing)
– No special processor needed (use standard processing tanks and reels like a Paterson Tank)
– Flexible processing temperatures
– Instructions for processing and Push/Pull processing included
– Long lasting shelf life
– Fully archival
– Affordable!

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1 Litre (24 rolls), 500ml (12 rolls)