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Pancro 400 35mm

Pancro 400 35mm



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Pancro 400 is a high-speed black and white film with a fine grain, made by French film company BERGGER.

Pancro 400 is a two emulsion film, composed with silver bromide and silver iodide. They differ by the size of their grain. These properties allow a wide exposure latitude.
The two emulsions are panchromatic, and are stabilised by high tech systems.

Pancro 400 in 135 is coated on a 135 microns acetate base and includes DX Coding.
It is designed with an undercoated anti-halation layer which clarifies during processing, and an anti-curling layer.

– 36 exposures per roll
– 400 iso black & white film

Also available in 120 format!

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