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KROME 100 E6 35mm

KROME 100 E6 35mm


Introducing KROME 100!

Want to try shooting colour-positive slide film but don’t want to break the bank? KROME is your friend!

Known for it’s extremely fine grain, vibrant colours and superb detail in both shadows & highlights, Ektachrome 100 is one of the most iconic film stocks available today.

Give it a try at a discount price-tag with WALKENS’ hand-rolled KROME 100, cut from bulk rolls of Ektachrome 100 5294, direct from Eastman Kodak.

Please note this film requires E6 developing – available at WALKENS House of Film.

This product is in no way endorsed, packaged, distributed, guaranteed or sold by Eastman Kodak or Kodak Alaris.

Please remember!
This is a hand-rolled film. Unlike film manufactured and packaged in commercial large-volume factories, this hand-rolling process is not immune to imperfections.
Some rolls may have a few small light leaks showing on some frames after they have been developed. Sometimes this is due to quirks in the rolling process, and other times it is due to imperfections in the recycled 35mm cannisters that are used, which can cause light-leakage into the cannister over time.
If you are using a point and shoot camera with a clear ‘film-view window’ on the back, we suggest you cover it up with  a small piece of black tape to minimise any light leaks whilst the film is being shot.

We recommend you keep your KROME rolls somewhere dark, out of the sun, to minimise light leakage into the cannister, and have your film processed promptly after shooting.

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