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Paterson Changing Bag – 70cm

Paterson Changing Bag – 70cm


An essential piece of equipment for home processing. This is a quality changing bag made by Paterson.

A changing bag allows you to roll exposed film onto your processing reels and then into your Paterson developing tank in the dark, eliminating the need for a darkroom. The change bag is your darkroom!

These also come in very useful if you have a roll jammed in a camera or aren’t sure if you’ve wound your film back all the way.

If your film-loading skills are top notch you can also load film into your camera inside the changing bag, giving you a few extra frames on every roll you shoot!

This 70cm Paterson changing bag is small enough to fit into a camera bag, yet large enough to allow a camera back to be fully opened once inside or a film to be loaded into a tank. It has a fail-safe double skin with a double zip closure and the inner lining is specially designed to avoid perspiration in prolonged use.
Don’t risk your film by using a cheaper low-quality bag that leaks light in, Grab a Paterson bag and rest assured!

– Double zip closure
– Elasticised arm apertures
– Comfortable lining
– Size 70cm x 64cm

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