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    Kodak M35 Reusable 35mm Film Camera – Red

    Easy to use & reusable. Time to ditch that disposable camera!

    With a fixed focus 31mm lens, manual film winding and rewinding and a switch to turn flash On/Off, the Kodak M35 is the perfect upgrade from disposable point and shoots. Simply grab a roll of 35mm film, load it in, snap some pics, rewind and then drop your film off at the  WALKENS lab! Comes in a range of colours and also in the upgraded M38 model with a more powerful flash for those night time snaps! Note, this is Australian stock and comes with Australian warranty and all consumer protections, avoid grey imports! Tech Specs: – 31mm lens – 1/120s shutter speed – f10 aperture – focus from 1m to infinity – Uses just 1 AAA battery