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Kodak Vision3 200T #7213 – 50ft Super 8 Film

Kodak Vision3 200T #7213 – 50ft Super 8 Film



All of our Super 8 film is brand new stock, fresh from Kodak.

The Vision3 series produces beautiful colour footage with that distinctive Super 8 feel.
Choose from 50D, 200T or 500T depending on what conditions you plan to shoot.

200T is a good choice for most indoor filming.
It delivers the image structure of a 100-speed film with the versatility of a 200-speed product, offering you the benefits of two films in one.
It performs superbly in both controlled interiors and in challenging high-contrast situations.
Offers increased highlight latitude so you can move faster on set and pull more detail out of highlights.
Features reduced grain in shadows so you can push the boundaries of underexposure and still get outstanding results

– Tungsten-Balanced Colour Negative Film
– 200T #7213 film stock
– Exposure Index of 200 in Tungsten Light
– Expanded Highlight Latitude
– Fine Grain and Sharpness
– Wide Dynamic Range
– Well-Suited to Digital Post-Production
– Process in ECN-2 Chemistry
– Super 8 Cartridge, Single Perforation.

All of our Super 8 is kept cold-stored before being shipped out direct to you.
Store your Super 8 film in a cool, dark place under 13°.
If storing for more than 6 months, we recommend sealing in an airtight sealed bag and freezing.

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