Spectra Format Black & White Film (Best Before 01/19)


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Spectra cameras are wider than regular Polaroid cameras, which means they need their own, wider film.
This Spectra film gives you all the rich monochromes of the other black & white Polaroid films, but with a wide-format frame. So whether you’re taking breathtaking landscape photographs, or just trying to fit all your cousins in the family reunion photo, you’ve got a little more space to work with!

Production date 01/18. (best before 01/19)
– All our Polaroid film is cold-stored, keeping it in best possible condition.
– For Polaroid Image/Spectra Type Cameras
– White Frame & Rectangular Image
– Enhanced Tonal Range
– Very Fine Detail, Quick Development
– Image Area: 3.5 x 2.9″
– Glossy Surface Type

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