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MFS Vision3 50D 35mm CineFilm

MFS Vision3 50D 35mm CineFilm


50 ISO Daylight balanced Motion Picture Colour Negative Film

– 36 exposures per roll
– Hand rolled in Melbourne from fresh Kodak cinema film stock.
– Process in ECN-2 or cross process in C-41 with RemJet removal prebath
– For home processing or processing by a lab that can handle ECN-2 or RemJet Films
– Great stock for Bleach Bypassing
– This film can be returned to WALKENS for processing (Processing outsourced, scanned in-house)

Warning: This Film is RemJet Coated. Do not have this Developed at a standard Film Lab.

Film uses recycled cassettes, these cassettes come from film lab processors and have been inspected to ensure no damage. The film is then taped to the remaining film and loaded. DX Code may vary but are typically matched closely to the film stock loaded.

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