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Kodak Vision3 250D #7207 – 100ft 16mm Film

Kodak Vision3 250D #7207 – 100ft 16mm Film



All of our 16mm film is brand new stock, fresh from Kodak.

KODAK VISION3 250D Colour Negative Film raises the bar for outdoor shooting.
Incorporating the unparalleled performance of KODAK VISION3 500T in a medium-speed, daylight-balanced emulsion, you get the freedom and creativity of daylight without compromising on quality.
Outstanding performance in the extremes of exposure, reduced grain in the shadows and the ability to push the boundaries of underexposure with stunning results. KODAK VISION3 250D performs on set and in the suite, letting you move faster when you’re shooting and pull out more of the highlight detail in post.

With the increased flexibility, control, image quality and archival stability you’ve come to expect from KODAK VISION3 film, the KODAK VISION3 250D pushes the possibilities of shooting on film, wherever you are.

– 100ft roll in cartridge.
– Fine grain and high sharpness
– Daylight balanced colour-negative movie film.
– For full technical data, see Kodak documents here.

All of our Cine Film is kept cold-stored before being shipped out direct to you.
Store your 16mm film in a cool, dark place under 13°.
If storing for more than 6 months, Kodak recommend sealing in an airtight sealed bag and freezing.

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