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KEKS EM-01 Light Meter – Silver

KEKS EM-01 Light Meter – Silver


Busted light meter? Old camera without one at all? This is the perfect product for you!

KEKS Light-meter is a whole new generation light meter. The bright and informative OLED display allows you to read the index in every condition, the aluminium crafted design delivers the best quality and design. Long battery life allows you to continuously metering for over 20 hours.

0.91″ OLED display
​The OLED display shows the currently-set ISO value, as well as the scene’s exposure value (EV), and a lux reading. It of course also displays the shutter speed and aperture, selectable by the user. It’s bright and vibrant, and entirely usable even in direct sunlight. There’s a battery status indicator as well, which flashes when the battery is low and stops flashing when the meter is fully charged.

VEML7700 is a high accuracy ambient light digital 16 bit resolution sensor. Compare with the traditional analog sensor, KEKS light-meter gives higher accuracy and better reliability. 30º metering angle of view strikes a good balance between average and selective metering.

No matters what kind of camera you are using, TLR, SLR, RANGEFINDER or MEDIUM FORMAT CAMERA. Any camera with a hot/cold shoe is applicable to KEKS light-meter. In addition, it’s adjustable. By unscrewing the mount we’re able to attach larger or smaller mounts , as well as position the mount in the center or to the side of the bottom of the meter (3 positions) KEKS light-meter is a independent device with built in chargeable battery.


KEKS light-meter is using aluminium body design, including the case, bottom plate, buttons. Two 904L steel bolts is used to connect the bottom plate and the meter body. Makes the KEKS meter is more Solid and Pratical.


On the Aluminium top plate, 4 buttons to control the APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED. To set the ISO, hold the metering button (the one on the back of the unit next to the screen) and then press either up or down on the aperture adjustment. Once you’ve selected the right ISO, you’re ready to meter. And with the help of the OLED display, makes the KEKS light-meter is Easy and Simple to use.

Note, the image includes the aluminium shoe (not included, plastic shoe provided)

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Construction – Aluminum body, steel screws, Aluminium shoe mount
Metering – 30º average metering (reflected light)
Mode – Aperture-priority or Shutter-priority
Aperture Range – F/1.0 to F/64; 1/3 stop increments
Shutter Speed Range – 30 seconds to 1/6400 of a second; 1/3 stop increments
ISO Range – 50 to 8000; 1/3 stop increments
Display – 0.91″ OLED
Battery – Rechargable 220mAh
Battery Life Per Charge – 20 hours continuous metering
Charging – 5V/450mA via USB-C
Mount – Plastic/ Aluminium* (option) Shoe mount, adjustable to size and position (3 sizes Shoe mount)
Inside The Box – Light-meter, One Plastic shoe mount set, Type C Charger, Instuction Manual

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