Ilford Ortho+ 80 35mm



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Ortho+ 80 is a new Orthochromatic black and white film from Ilford in the UK.

Ideally suited for landscape photography, the blue and green sensitivity of this emulsion enables the film to be handled in deep red* safelight conditions making processing and inspection easier.
Its lack of red sensitivity also means that reds and oranges in your frame are rendered darker with stronger contrast than standard panchromatic films (all other ILFORD films are panchromatic).

Ilford recommend exposing at 80iso in daylight conditions or at 40iso under tungsten lighting.

– 36 Exposures per roll
– Orthochromatic black and white film
– Process in normal black and white chemicals.
– Fine grain & high sharpness
– Made in the UK.

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 3.8 × 6 × 3.8 cm