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  • $175.00

    CineStill °Cs TCS-1000 Temperature Control System

    IN STOCK NOW! WALKENS are an official Cinestill distributor. These units are sold with a full Cinestill warranty. The °Cs "Temperature Control System" TCS-1000 immersion circulator/thermostat is is the simplest solution for precision film processing at home. Whether you are developing black and white, colour negative, or slide film, this system allows you to efficiently and easily mix concentrates and powder chemicals, heat it up to the precise processing temperature, and maintain it during the entire developing session. Universal design holds two 1000ml. storage bottles (Collapsible Accordion style, Wide-Mouth, JOBO, etc.) in a sink, tub, or basin of your preference, at the desired temperature. Intuitive interface preset to standard C-41 processing, and easily adjustable temperature and timers for any process. Easily mixes and heats chemistry in a 1000ml. jug in seconds, without splatter, spill or additional oxidation. Reheat chemistry preserved in the fridge for longer shelf life.


    • EU model, 220-240v suitable for use in Australia. Wired with EU plug, requires a power adapter to AU plug.
    • Intuitive ready-to-use interface does not require additional timers, downloading phone apps, nor connecting to bluetooth/wifi
    • Display and firmware pre-programmed to process film with an adjustable two-stage timer for any process (C-41, E-6, B&W, etc.) in Min : Sec
    • Simple toggling between °C/°F readouts
    • Universal bottle holder holds two 1000ml. storage bottles (collapsible accordion style, Wide-Mouth, JOBO, etc.) in a sink, tub, or basin of your preference
    • PTC heating element, brushless DC motor and moulded polymer impeller
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Ground protection and temp/water level/overheat protection sensor
  • $43.00

    Paterson Changing Bag – 70cm

    An essential piece of equipment for home processing. This is a quality changing bag made by Paterson. A changing bag allows you to roll exposed film onto your processing reels and then into your Paterson developing tank in the dark, eliminating the need for a darkroom. The change bag is your darkroom! These also come in very useful if you have a roll jammed in a camera or aren't sure if you've wound your film back all the way. If your film-loading skills are top notch you can also load film into your camera inside the changing bag, giving you a few extra frames on every roll you shoot! This 70cm Paterson changing bag is small enough to fit into a camera bag, yet large enough to allow a camera back to be fully opened once inside or a film to be loaded into a tank. It has a fail-safe double skin with a double zip closure and the inner lining is specially designed to avoid perspiration in prolonged use. Don't risk your film by using a cheaper low-quality bag that leaks light in, Grab a Paterson bag and rest assured! - Double zip closure - Elasticised arm apertures - Comfortable lining - Size 700mm x 700mm
  • $40.00

    Paterson Universal Developing Tank PTP115 – With 2 reels.

    Grab a Paterson tank today and start processing film at home! Paterson tanks are famous worldwide as the go-to choice for home film developing. With this tank system you can process film at home using your own chemicals. No darkroom is required! Simply load your film onto one of the supplied reels inside a changing bag, then load the film into the Paterson tank and begin your processing. Once film is processed simply hang up to dry! Paterson tanks are constructed from high-impact polystyrene that stands up to high volume use. This tank has no hidden parts, and is always easy to keep clean. It is durable, easy to use, and provide consistent, even film development. Each tank features a unique snap-in light trapping funnel for quick filling and emptying, to ensure even development and precise processing times. The tank offers a choice of agitation methods; use inversion agitation, rotary agitation with the removable agitator rod supplied, or a combination of both. - Holds 2 rolls of 35mm film - Holds 1 roll of 120/220 film - Comes with two film reels - Supports 35mm, 120/220, 126 and 127 films. - Great for both Colour & Black and White processing - PTP115 Model