Disposable Camera Event Packages

Cameras & Film Processing Included

We now offer a comprehensive Disposable Camera event service.
Disposable cameras are great for events. Guests love taking photos, and you’ll get an amazing new perspective from your guest’s photos.

We’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s leading Film Labs, Racquet Film in Brisbane, and are able to offer you a comprehensive package which includes not only the great disposable cameras, but also all film processing and high resolution scanning of the processed negatives.

We can ship or deliver the cameras to you, plus arrange collection or return shipping after your event.
Once we’ve collected the cameras, they’ll be processed by our Pro film lab partner and the scanned photos provided to you as electronic JPEG files, ready for you to print or share online with guests, friends and family.

For more information and pricing details, please feel free to send us a message below, or just shoot us an email at contact@walkens.com.au