600 Format Duochrome Black & Yellow Film - Third Man Records Edition


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Impossible Project took over Polaroid's production facilities and began producing their Polaroid-compatible film in 2010.

Eight instant black and yellow photos with matt black frames. Images begin to emerge within a minute. Full development takes 5-10 minutes. This limited-edition film develops in just two colours: black and yellow, the signature colours of Jack White’s Third Man Records.
The collaboration with Third Man Records was meant as a showcase of the importance of making real, tangible things to hold and keep. This film uses the same chemistry as Impossible's latest black & white formula, producing vivid, high contrast images with deep blacks and bright yellows - perfect for experimenting with.

  • 8 Instant Sheets
  • Duochrome Black and Yellow
  • For Polaroid 600 Type Cameras & Impossible I-Type.
  • Black Frame & Square Image
  • Image Area: 3.1 x 3.1"
  • Glossy Surface Type
  • Colour Protection Formula