KOLORIT 400 Tungsten 35mm (3 Pack)

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KOLORIT 400 Tungsten 35mm (3 Pack)

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The KOLORIT 400 Tungsten creates colourful, brilliant and vibrant pictures when used under artificial light conditions and creates an impressing blue hue when used in daylight.
This film is hand-made in Austria and comes in a very classy little cardboard pack. Only available in these 3-roll packs, making them great for gifts too!
KONO make a variety of interesting films with different effects and characteristics, be sure to check them all out.

- Colour Negative Effect Film, based on motion picture film stock
- Prepared for standard colour film processing C41
- 35 mm colour negative film, 400 ISO
- Hand rolled & hand packed in Austria, each roll is unique
- Rolled into recycled film cartridges
- Package contents: 3 cartridges of film, 24 exposures each